Wednesday, December 28, 2005


my dad, an incredible guy, low key, intense and solid as a rock emotionally. he's getting up there in age and it seems as though he has not embraced that yet. i don't think he feels like he's done enough in life, like raise 4 groovy kids, stay in a marriage for 48 years, coached college and professional football in every league and just about every level... so at 73 years old he keeps pushing the limits, saying he is going to "break that donkey one day".

dad, you have done a great job in life, achieved YOUR dreams in both family and occupation...i love you, stay safe and stick with the horse, you ride it beautifully, just like you did life. teach me that lesson as well...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

this incredible boy...

man, when you see this intesity in a kid, you just know something beautiful is coming...

Monday, December 26, 2005

morning after

am i the only one (this may have to do soley with the fact that im single) but the day after a big holiday, hanging with family and good friends, i always feel a bit let down. i guess it is just the fall from a nice high, but i feel as though something was/is missing?

photo by aubrey lashley

Guest Blog- blake, blakey, b

hey babe. i like the blog. topic for consideration?

the jihad in america right now. the way right, the christian conservative movement is no different really than the al queda. the only difference is al queda will kill americans, the christian conservatives are killing america. they are picking away at our beloved constitution. they are trying to regulate based on faith, which as i understand it is exactly what al queda does. once our constitution is taken, we will fall. what a pathetic empire we are, to have lasted only 300 years. long live the romans.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays....

....Which ever you prefer..

I would be happy if we could just agree to celebrate the birthday of a very groovy man, who's impression on this world has withstood many a critic. so it is fair to say he was fairly charismatic. Instead we debate a simple fact like that, and pay our bi-partisan homage to the deity of greed and consumerism...

lets all focus on the gift of love and family.

photo by crystal reeves

Thursday, December 22, 2005

would you?

i have been asking people... conservatives and liberals alike if they would sacrifice the death penalty for the illegalization of
abortion or vice-versa.... a thought that was guided by the tookey williams controversy. i have always been amazed at the inconsistency of peoples beliefs here, especially in regards to the support of death in one instance (a known living being) and the passionate plea to save the unborn, under the retoric of " the sanctity of life"??