Thursday, June 28, 2007

the secret that you have no control over what others do. i was very positive about the sale, but there must be a reason for this one. my buyers backed out a week before closing and slowed me back down in my decision for a place to settle down. so back into the house and to finishing the original plan for the landscaping. ill be intersted in what i learn with this added time.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


my parents had a big anniversary this weekend and i am so proud of them for making it 50 years. all of the siblings were present and we had a great time catching up and entertaining the folks. at my rate, if i make it to 50, i wont remember the last 10 of them:)

Monday, June 11, 2007

bitter sweet surrender

name the band??
so it seems as though my journey has been sped up, which i have to admit i like that pressure. it is hard to leave this house in many ways, having remodled it with my father, making it all me, and all the space that it has to offer an artist are great attributes for a home. i will close on the 29th of june at which time i will put my shtuff in shtorage...again:) i have a 2 week build out job to do in dallas and then am planning a 2 week trip put west to explore some towns and get my head into this decision. by the end of july i hope to be on the road to the place that calls me the strongest. the short list "today" is taos, ogden, pueblo, charleston wv, boone and maybe in the opposite order.

Friday, June 01, 2007

before departure

i got some pics of my last full day with the D-man from andrew. fun to see... and i thought they would give the blog a look of old. her is an update according to me: the family is doing well and andrew has taken over the full time duties seemlessly (i have this fantasy that he is growing a beard:) they have given in and put the house with a realtor, found a place to rent in boone and are cruising along on their journey to become full boonean. dante is on the verge of walking and talking, or so i hear... go "D".