Wednesday, March 21, 2007

blue baby

ok somewhat of an unrelated picture, but it is the best i could do....
so one more entry on this book im reading " the Omnivores Delimma" which is a good read for all of who "eat". the people/farmers ( i call them the modern slaves) who work for peanuts making this number 2 corn that our food industry basically exists b/c of, are having to protect their babies from what they call "blue baby syndrome". this is when the local water becomes so toxic from the fertilizers they are using for the monoculture corn, that the town goes on alert.....water for fuck sakes:( "the city of des moines puts out "blue baby alerts" in the springs b/c of high nitrogen levels in the water supply. the nitrates in the water convert to nitrite, which bind the hemoglobin, compromising the bloods ability to carry oxygen to the brain.." when are we going to get it... we are what we eat and all that goes into it. "your going to turn into an orange" my mom use to tell me, as i drank up the weeks supply of orange juice. in this case we will all become some from of hybrid corn, or better yet the fertilizers and petroleum used to produce it, which is good because we are in a shortage, dont you know...and by the way, our solution for that shortage is..... grow more corn???

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Langerado - Music Review

so me and the family went to sunrise florida for langerado, my first weekend music festival, dorve down thursday night and got back late last. we braved it with an 8 month old in a camp site with 3000 crazy music, drug loving people and dante was great. the weather was in the 80's and humid, i finally found out the true meaning of "dirty hippies". for me, the highlights were toubab krewe and medeski martin wood. i saw taj mahal, who was groovy but doing old stuff, cat power was decent with a joplin vibe. sound tribe sector nine had something funky going on and i would love to see more of them, micheal franti and spearhead were throwing out a reggea beat with a groovy message. trey took nine songs to get the thing rolling, widespread was widespread, with a huge crowd i could not bear. lotus impressed me, tea leaf green did not, yerba buena was good but the sound guy killed them. i missed MOE which was ok and soulive which was not. avoided pepper and los lobos... i have never seen so many drugs for sale in one spot:) all in all a really groovy time, maybe not my gig again but very glad to have spent the time with the family.

Monday, March 05, 2007


picture of me....
and another book.... (didn't know what kind of pic to include for the book?)
it is rocking my world a bit and in a sad disgusted way. just like "a diet for a new america" did years ago (1993 to be exact and it turned em vegan) except instead of making me feel bad for the animals, this time i feel bad for us. how in the hell have we let ourselves as a nation become the unhealthy puppets of the industrial food business, eating on the average 300 extra calories or "corn" per day. " An Omnivore's Delimma" by Micheal Pollan. is an eye-opener to how we have become "corn people" and that most of the food eat has consumed more calories of petroleum in its making than it give us to eat (organic salad a that yeilds 80 calories tkes 4600 calories to grow) so much for becoming an organic freak too... local is the way to go, and if i can find a place with a good local, organic market, im moving;)