Saturday, April 16, 2011

a river runs through it...

so i needed to paint the cement foundation of the house and i decided not to be normal (as usual), painting a creek line around the house:) well i must have summoned the creek gods, and the rains came. the down pour created big flow in the creek that borders the property and a handful of impromptu springs, running done my hills side. it is very beautiful after the storm and the rivers are full in boone today:)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


it's been three months or so, since i've been facebook free, and i miss seeing my family and finding out when the parties are:) the way i participated took too much time and gave me a false sense of belonging, so its been a good adjustment and is freeing up all kinds of time... so f--k facebook:) along with being free of a face, i am free of a relationship....both kind of went hand in hand. this is not were i imagined to be when i first moved to boone.... but its been a great journey so far. looking forward to see what unfolds next. stay tuned for FFB t-shirts:)