Thursday, July 20, 2006


sittng on a bucket with my computer atop the box it came in... the 15' moving truck (still proud i can fit it all in 15') is packed and ready to go 250 miles north to be then unpacked.. all of my stuff is in boxes and will be missing me for 8 months. is there liberation somewhere inside this anxiety of not having my belongings? if so i will find it and am glad im leading this next step of my life with the foot of simplicity.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

babes o' plenty

so this was the week... as i blogged earlier victoria and andrew gave birth to dante, who i will get to know quite well soon, and my good friend smt and his gal gave birth to frankie this week. i have hopes to see frankie this weekend when i move my stuff back to tulsa... the top pic is baby dante and the bottom frankie, they are beautiful, right?? here to the future wave of thoughts and actions:)

Sunday, July 16, 2006


that title has seemed to take on many meanings for me... first was the obvious, being in texas, it seemed an appropriate name for a show. then i had it called to my attention that being the only artist in the show, i was the lone star... well after the show dealing with the usual let down after such a build up, my mind felt a little "lonely" when this happens to me i have a tendency to think it is b/c i have done something wonderfully meaningful but have no one to go home and decompress it with... it is just abruptly over ( it happended to me big time after blaid aid) yesterday i spent the evening hanging out with the dog trying to see if i could find outher reasons for it?? still working on that, but feeling more level today. btw, the show was a great night with lots of people, friends and family. i showed 12 pieces and sold 6, my best turn over to date.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

disco inferno

its a boy.... victoria and andrew had a healthy 7lb. baby boy early sunday morning. his name is Dante J. Saldino and he has no idea the fun he is about to have with his parents and manny in the next few months:) this is his first pic to be published on the web, toe in nose and all... (that will be the last time his toe fits in his nose) i guessed he was a boy from this pic, pretty good huh? the lonestar show is going up tonight, and the showing is tomorrow night, looking forward to hanging out with family and friends.. pics of the show and work will be up on the appropriate blogs soon.

Monday, July 03, 2006


have been a busy bee getting ready for this show... ill have about 10 new pieces, some way out there, some simple, all affordable:) no big news, got a bad taste in my mouth after the al gore interview on the daily show... fear is the word for all, bastards:( getting very weary listening to the extremes.. we as citizens need to wake up soon and tell these goverment fear mongers to "fuck off"... all they do is try to seperate us, the people, who actually live in a very diverse grey reality. going to hear an athens band (my soon to be, getaway) monday night, somaybe ill have some groove insight soon.