Sunday, July 29, 2007

d-fest foursome

d-fest was this weekend.... and what might be the end of a good friends singing for a bit while he shapes the tulsa music scene with Exit 6C, Cappella and the Blank Slate. saturday night, beau charon, of fuzz fame, was back in town with his band from austin, rocking the continental. amos lee was crazy-good on the mainstage, and JFJO put on a spectacle late night. good musical effort by d-fest, one only hopes they will continue to get their act together in the style in which they run this event...."sorry no beer"

75 miles

i was fortunate enough to be able to take off a few days after my nephews funeral, and so i headed west to see friends in CO and NM. the views of the west cant help but soak in, and make an impression. im looking to point myself in a new and greener direction soon and dedicate this "push" to jeremy

jeremy's sky

this was the sky the night my family buried my nephew, who died in the iraq war because of a lack of armour. he was a hero in this life, not b/c he fought in this war but rather for the kind, funny and loving person he was right up until he died.

"oh my josh"

the fred has a groovy new drummer who is not only a real cool dude but is infusing a new energy into a band i already thought was the shit. right on josh.

50 cake

got a cake from rachels place of worship/ im mean work... merrits did a groovy job on my folks 50th anniversary cake, it wasnt vegan but a crowd pleaser for sure.

her drueness

you got to get this girl on your blog... the queen of myspace blogging and the master mind to many of tulsa's bar advertising methods. we wined and dined at jessie's house participating in some good food, drink and fun.


i hung a show soon upon arriving to tulsa, just in time for the mayfest crowd. we all know tsunami downtown not only for its good grub but for its attention to the original vibe in tulsa. thanks to mark and julie, the pinc series rested there for a few months and now i have hung my second show with the remainder of the works from my time in north georgia, with some oldies as well. the brick walls bring a resemblance to the mother tongue days.

belated 40

i arrived to tulsa in may, 8 months after my 40th birthday last year in september, to find a wonderful surprise in store.... a 40th b-day bash with my friends here in tulsa and a few from a far. bert, the gracious host, did it up right with all kinds of great food and drink, to streaming music out on the deck.

Friday, July 06, 2007

jeremy david allbaugh

last night i spent some time with memories of my nephew, jeremy, who died yesterday in iraq. im not sure how to process this death. im ok with death and dying but it so much sadder when it is someone young, someone who never had the time to live. he was a great kid who loved to laugh and tragically circumstances in this life lead him to the military and to war. i share in the guilt of this country for letting kids like him fight for our capatilistic freedoms. i know he is smiling at what he has found around this corner, jeremy is OK and in a great place. it is a big loss to our family, his life was cut very short but its the government/world/us that makes me sad.
peace to us all, jeremy i know you have found it.