Monday, June 19, 2006

obese vegan

well that makes 3 in a row for ole SMT... after pinback and mward im not sure why i would have any doubts... the sound sucked so bad for the first band, i almost didnt hang on for "The Constantines" (a band from canada) they were on fire and played right through the terrible job by the sound guy, some hack... to put on a groovy show. sean put on a show himself, in rare form he was...the boy loves his music

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my turn

for what??
to write a book.. to say nothing of worth.. to lay down or sell out to the corporate wheels like she has been doing forever, since her days of marketing the gay community for coors beer? i guess she learned from a pro? arent we all wanting equal rights here, but she markets a shitty beer, made by a company who use to be on the forefront of gay discrimination... to a group of society, based not on there spending/drinking/sporting habits but their sexual orientation... hmm. then she gets mad at any of the democrat that uses/d her sexuality to market their agendas?? it seems that terry gross, on "fresh air" (NPR) was trying to point out such hypocracies, but to have her on the show was just a mistake, a terrible interviewee for a terrible cause, a book that will surely say nothing just as she has. not to mention being involved with one of the most anti-gay administrations in recent history??? if anyone reads this book and im wrong and its a good read... please let me know, as we know i can surely have gotten this wrong:)

Monday, June 12, 2006

a smattering

my last post, including a poemesque entry, was a flop but maybe for the content?? so ill try again with a smattering of thoughts from my pink journal, some of you may remember when i carried that one around:)
-"dont speed, if you enjoy your weed"
- if you know what pherimones is an attempt to name that layer of the female atmosphere...
pherosphere or farrah'sphere.
-"whoever seeks the truth, deserves the consequenses"
-"paralyzed by the western son, i search for a deeper shade.
realizing the existing darkness of my heart, i struggle to move into true light"
-" love, romance, hope...
a fabrication of my will, to hold a hand that fits in mine"

Friday, June 09, 2006


i love that word and could just stop there:) but as some you know i have an ironic thing for flowers, ironic in that i dont have green thumb when it comes to frivolous plants/flowers, im ok in the garden:) and ironic in the fact that im not big on picking/purchasing flowers... but here is this plant i inherited and planted in my front flower bed, that is mostly bushes and sage varietals.... (im not into watering much either:() anyways this plant (lantana) struggles in the 100 degree heat of summer (my house faces west, which is great feng shui but terrible for a flower bed). so the leaves of the plant are wilted, bug eaten etc.. but its flower persists and fights thru the heat to bloom in such a beautiful way it over comes cant loose your awareness or you'll miss it for it only lasts one day and its gone... such beauty, such determination to live, to see the sun and then to die. im sure for the plant it was well worth it and im honored.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

springs preserve

i am so proud of my brother and his work with whole foods... he started as a cheese cutter fittingly:) but know he is at the top of the game, doing very well in vegas. as for wholefoods.. we all know that success story. whole foods had a booth at the springs preserve, once an ancient tribal land that the state of NV is preserving...
my bro, is hoggin the lens:) come on man you can merchandise better than that!!