Thursday, March 30, 2006

the scoop

so here it is... new mexico is awesome and i would like to be there. taos is a dream ive been cooking up for some time and i was a little naive, got enticed by the incredibly cheap homes about 5-10 miles out of town. what i learned in my 2 days there is that it is not a real city yet, just a town. no scene to speak of except for the tourism and the ski season.. yeah im sure there is some great biking, fishing etc... but to live there you have to be self employed or self sufficient including a rock'n babe on you're arm who wants some seclusion. the locals i talked to all pointed to the fact that it is a struggle to live there b/c of the lack of good paying jobs....and that leads to a high level of drunks:) (i can get that in tulsa:) but boy what a beautiful place to retire, so i think ill work on that... just how that plays out im still unsure? im ironing out the details with my boss/friend/john about staying here which means we will have a bar open by feb next year... if i like that idea and can commit to denton for at least 3 years after open, ill stay. if not i may go back to tulsa, polish up the house and sell it etc... now albuquerque is the sleeper, very liberal, groovy town that is on the bubble of getting groovier. tons of artists, great architecture and a great energy around UNM and the nob hill area. in albuquerque, one would also have their pulse on the the taos vibe if it breaks (film festival is kicking etc..) and get to enjoy all that beauty.... so who knows but i was told i have a 4/15 deadline to decide???? shit then today a great friend told me her and her hubby were moving to boone, nc and i needed to join:)??


close to a rockstar:) i got very interested in the obvious past time of the hikers out in the taos area and there facination with stacking rocks. soon it overcame me and of course it was not just about the stacking for me, but stacking by using angled rocks and opposing forces, quite fun. move over sudocu (sp)

Monday, March 27, 2006


albuquerque, taos, and santa fe were wonderful... just got home and have a lot of thoughts moving through my head. a picture of the rio grande gorge and bridge near taos... im setting the tone for the next few entries to come:)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Im Off...

What is Blue Lake?
The single most dramatic event in the recent history of Taos Pueblo land is the 1970 return of 48,000 acres of mountain land including the sacred Blue Lake. It was taken by the U.S. Government in 1906 to become part of the National Forest lands. Among the ritual sites where Taos people go for ceremonial reasons, Blue Lake is perhaps the most important. Its return is a tribute to the tenacity of Pueblo leaders and to the community's commitment to guarding its lands for the spiritual, cultural and economic health of the Pueblo. The return of this land capped a long history of struggle. Blue Lake and mountains are off-limits to all but members of our Pueblo.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


so it is hard to take a picture of your own upper arm...but if you are going for something abstract (blurry) i guess it can work:) finally got to a stopping place on the tattoo i have been working on, a half sleeve or shoulder piece of sorts. who would have known such an endeavor could be so hard... as in figuring out how to bring it all together...six 2 hours sessions... wanting to make it good b/c of the permanency... no paint overs here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


just sitting here thinking bout my weekend in tulsa and what a groovy time it was hanging with missa winston. married, now with 3 kids, we never truly had much time to hang out, but when we did it was always memorable....whether it is talking about the chaos theory driving to arkansas to pitch a design job and ending up on the wrong tollway going to muskogee. or as you see in the pics, hanging out being cool at the bar, gigging with "citizen mundi". this man has been a great influence on me not only creatively, but as a person of style in every way. enjoy switzerland my brotha, you will be missed.

Friday, March 10, 2006

boys will be boys

man i love kids... the innocence, their comfortablitlity with who they are, their joy, their laughter and most of all their ability to love. now dont get me wrong they can be a handful, im sure most parents can attest to that, but there are those tender, memorable moments that make it all worth while.

Monday, March 06, 2006

reunited, cuz it feels so good...

so this dog of mine, tex... if you haven't heard the story... was a trained bird dog, the kind that lives his whole life in a fenced run with a hard shit infested cement floor, outside in the elements. you see in order to keep a bird dog eager to hunt you have to treat them this way, or so the experts say, well i rescued that dog a couple of years ago and he has embraced his retirement with pride and class. he has also learned to win over his old master and do things not even the house dog is allowed to do... my dad really loved that dog even in his mistreating of and i think he is having fun spoiling him today when he gets the chance...
it looks a lot more fun this way:)

Friday, March 03, 2006


a good buddy of mine, malan darras, a talented mutha... and his band of the decade "rewake" are going to be opening for 311 at the cains this monday 3/6 and i wanted to put some good vibes out there for him. malan, you deserve this and have an awesome gift... i hope this is a spring board for you and that in it all, you find a way to keep your head, find peace of mind and creative satisfaction my brother....rock on and wear the vest:)