Tuesday, January 30, 2007

banana shark

feeding this kid is a trip and full of laughs... he was like a shark eating a banana in this little "bait holder" at one time, i swear, his eyes rolled back and inner lids came down:) are you supposed to laugh at kids when they are eating? does/will that give them sort of eating disorder?:)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


well i made it up to charleston west virginia this weekend as a side trip to a weekend in boone, nc (which i totally dig but cant afford) me and tex loaded up and headed thru the hills on saturday on a 4 hour drive to charleston. the weather was chilly but beautiful and sunny. we walked around the town for about 3 hours, checking out the river walk, the buildings/bars/restaurants, houses and the capitol building. later i described the town to my brother as a miniature philidelphia, with everything in a 1 mile radius. big homes, (once owned by the charleston blue bloods) near the capitol and blocks from downtown, sell for as little as 70k... a downtown mall, minor league baseball park and charleston univ. football stadium are all right in the middle of the city, with the university on the other side of the river. diverse and in the middle of wildlife and white water heaven, it won me at first glance. more research to be done along with a lot of thoughts about being so far from the core of my famlily and friends. pueblo is next:)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

bonnie tyler

i need a hero: do you remember that tune? i thought of it today on my walk, the hereo part. today me and "d" got the chance to watch a dvr'd iconoclast, a sundance channel show, a great episode of a great show with maya angelou and dave chappelle. maya angelou talks for a moment about heroes and how important they are to everyone, true heroes... the rest of the show is magic between her and dave:) " i need a hero", i began to think about this, not only in our government but in life in general. " i need a hero", my dad was always my hero thru my twenties, a professional football coach out there fighting the ego, the stereo types, working hard at what he loved. " i need a hero", looking forward i find myself with respect, admiration, and love for many people who have blessed my life, but no hero. " i need a hero", regarded by webster as a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic (extraordinarily bold, altruistic, determined qualities) or is performing a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal...groovy by me and i need one of those, any ideas?;)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

double 'O' seven

not in tribute to the new james bond movie, in which i hear james is ripped. but rather a pic of me on NY watching the boob (after shaving the head and the face as a folicular cleanse:) drinking tequila and way deep into my head;)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


so a few weeks ago i trekked into atlanta (not a fun drive even when you hit it about 3pm) to see some good friends of mine from rochester. i got there 5 hours early so i could roam around the town and check out old hangs. i lived in atlanta right befor the 96 olympics and was a bike courier downtown (eventually the first rollerblade courier b/c they were closing off the village to bikes) anyway i hit the old pad in the virginia highlands and they were fixed way up and sold as condos. then i went downtown, talked to a lot of people on the street (very happy to see all the diversity) and took pictures of randomness. as i was shooting a grafitii'd wall these cats cmae up and asked me to shoot them and put them on a blog:):) so here you go,
ATL represented.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


so i had to get these online... d-man had his first solidesque food over the holidays and he chose avocados. he definitely was diggiing the idea of getting things in his mouth but gagged the whole way through. vic swears she heard him say "yuck". fun times:) i hear he has been doing good with banana's on the trip.