Sunday, July 05, 2009


last night was a celebration in albany, not unlike the celebrations going on everywhere in the united states. in adulthood, the 4th of july has never been a holiday i liked to celebrate. i have never been able to get past the money spent (the more the better) to market the wealth and prosperity of the city... and on something that has so little impact and lasts for 35 minutes. i would much rather see those millions put into the "community" somehow.

that said, in the past 2 years it has taken on a new meaning to me, and last night i was quite moved... thinking about Jeremy, my nephew, a marine who died 2 years ago today in Iraq, fighting for his country. Al Jareau was singing last night, a cat who can "scat", a cat who was a big influence on me musically through highschool, a cat im not sure jeremy ever heard sing. as a teenageer AJ pushed me to see the possibilities, he took me past rock and roll and opened me up to the creative options in life and music. how lucky am i, to have the opportunity at 43 to see this man up close and remember my youth?? and at the same time, it is so hard to think of Jeremy and how he sacraficed a life full of those chances.

today i vow not to take my time on this earth lightly and i thank Jeremy for giving me that PUSH again and always on the 4th of July. here's to Jeremy Allbaugh, my hero in life, i love you brother.

Friday, July 03, 2009

austin revisited

had a great time in austin last week with a collection of my good friends, despite the 107 degree temps. biking, boating, drinking beer, and eating mexican food as if i was on the baha coast. im lucky to have some wonderful, beautiful, and sharp friends, too bad they are so far away.