Sunday, December 31, 2006

lucky 7

very few of my blogs are just about how about an update. i have been in GA for 4 months and it has been great/productive so far. i have learned so much about the experience of kids and how i relate and work with that. needless to say i have gotten close to this kid and this family. living with people again (its been a while) and learning their differences in structure and life, is a trip. i think i have gotten my first wave of loneliness, which was expected around this time of the year.. im out in the boonies and most of you know im a fairly social guy. i have chosen to lay real low over the holidays, and paint. i had agreed upon 2 pieces a month as my goal when i came out and i worked hard this weeked (sort of:) getting my 8th finished. i am starting a new one today which i think is my 40th, archival quality, piece. close to 30 of those paintings are living in great homes around the country (helps to have friends). not bad considering i really only got serious painting about 5 years ago in rochester... many thoughts about my future have wavered through my mind. i will be going back to tulsa in may to spend as long as it takes to get my house cleaned up and sold. after that im trying to make a very smart and hopefully final move.. rochester keeps coming into the picture with a good opportunity to get involved in a building progect and of course focus on my art. i love the landscape of rochester, the city and i have good friends there, it just so damn cold:) taos still has a big draw for me and recently i have started exploring pueblo, co and charleston, wv. any input on those 2 cities would be groovy, as they are new entries into the pool. any ways happy new year to you all, i miss you. here's to 2007 and thinking big.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


xmas on the lake with the family was groovy and mellow the way i like it. i was hoping not to be too much of a scrooge for everyone and i think i did ok. it is a lot of fun to give... and be present, but the whole consumer side of it, to the tune of over 15 presents for a 6 month old who wont know the difference (sans the great books) takes it toll on me. fun to just chill and be with friends for sure.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

hacking tree hole

went on a 8 mile hike today, and suffering from a cold i hacked the whole way. i did, however, take some groovy shots for the abstract photo experiment. check out pincpic blog soon for additions, and i made it non passworded so you can comment with ease, which i would appreciate as im trying to get an idea if any of these are viable to sell.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


the street im living on here in georgia is "greenleaf" and fitting in many, many ways:) the dudes who were setting up the street signs were either high or playing a great joke to imply so. all the signs have a different speelling on them as you drive down the road, the missing picture being the two word form, green leaf.


looking for the perfect xmas card picture for vic and andrew... hard to go wrong with this little guy. vic took the second pic and i shopped it.

Monday, December 04, 2006

baby bjorn

gods gift to mannies:) me and dante before our daily walk. we usually get an hour in a day if the weather is good, today 53 and beautiful.. the trees have all lost their leaves so we can see the lake, the sky and all the birds better. then there is the family of albino deer, which i thought i had seen the only one of those in upstate NY, but there all over this lake too.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


enough said...