Monday, August 07, 2006


why dont i look like this anymore??:) this is when i need it, right? or maybe not but it would sure be nice to have the few muscles i have left, uncovered like that... me and matty (matt pyburn, a friend of 20 years) are roomies again for the 5th time. a short stay this time, as he just moved into my pink house here in denton... its alot of fun hanging out with matt like the old days, im sure he'll be sick of my ass soon. the pic is when i lived in pensacola florida back in 95' you gotta love the locks on p-burt.

Friday, August 04, 2006

doc dude

its been a while since my last indie/documentary film review... this week i had the pleasure to watch two very thought provoking doucumentary films... the first "be here to love me" the story of townes van zandt.. and incredible singer song writer who like many of us was way out there, but couldnt seem to come down. he was kind and gentle, loved his whiskey and his music more than... man he could tell a story. you'll want to emerse yourself in your music or art after this inspirational piece... the next was " the mushroom club" does anybody really know why we bombed hiroshima? i like how we have conveniently forgotten that:):( well we fucked those people up. this film shows the grace of the japanese people in moving forward... they knew that they were ultimately to blame for letting their goverment take them to that place. this film really does a good job showing the "impact" of this bomb, the people who were vaporized and the ones the left behind. is there any race we havent screwed?? watch this one, we all need to pay attention and remember how these things get to such a point!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

return to eden

it is groovy sometimes when your past comes back to greet you and in my case i have so many pasts, it happens often. this time was particularly special. in tulsa when i had my art gallery, mother tongue, i also bartended at the snooty fox. at the end of my stay there, before i moved to L.A. there was a group that started playing at the bar "eden" two young, talented and beautiful girls who were dong some newage/world music with a christian kick. well the later part, im sure, shut me down to it, but supposedly i still invited them over to my gallery and into the back space.... " the almighty ass":) well i was very lucky to have met back up with sharla pember, the younger sister, in tulsa a few weeks back and then get the opportunity to hear her play again this past week. watch out tulsa for this voice and talent, it is right on..... remember the pember!!