Thursday, May 07, 2009

holy chrysler

walking to get bagels late yesterday morning... i noticed the street was barracaded in front of one of the state buildings. returning home, knawing on an everything bagle, i came upong a group of people who had gathered on the sidewalk around the group of cars, police and secret service men waiting outside. withing 10 minutes, out walked the Dahli Lama (he had spoke in albany the night before and was visiting the govenor) and comes right up to the crowd i was standing in shskes some hands, speaks with us and then drives away in a "chrysler".. thats got to be a good sign for chysler:) needless to say i was beside myself, the personification of peace on my street on a tuesday morning... it doesnt get groovier than that, except for maybe a hot female musician;)