Tuesday, February 20, 2007

finish strong

taking pictures of myself, that is what it has come down to:) not too bad for a winding mountain road in north georgia. while driving i had this theory of the 2nd half, come up... its never how you start the game of life but how you finish, important for me as i go into my second half and even more important for those that i love as they are entering the 4th quarter. btw month 2 of non smoking... hard to remember even doing that. back in college i was well known for having an unlit grit in my mouth at parties and never smoking it until the end... but a pack a week w/ beers never felt right.

Monday, February 12, 2007


did you know we had polar bears here in georgia?? this kid is cracking me up so much lately, we can laugh together about nothing... helps that he is ticklish and jsut a happy baby. not too much more time for this suit, both in the weather here and size. i had to quit my fast walks with d in the bjorn as the back was screaming at me after a month.,, now reading outside for and hour:(:) ans walking with tex in the evenings.

Monday, February 05, 2007

ping tu...

...or peace in chinese
a blast from the past came as a comment on my myspace, a picture of ping circa 1998, and it brought a tear or tu. thought some of you would like to be reminded of this wonderful doggie of mine. ping now rest under a tree on the genessee river, downtown rochester, ny.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

revisited truth

ok... so i wrote an entry long ago after seeing al gore on the dialy show pushing "an inconvenient truth" and i was not impressed by his fear tactics (too much like what everyone does) the blog got many responses in support of the movie. well i finally got to see the film and yes, it was well done and very informative. some fear tactics thrown in there but they seemed to be justified, minus implying that people would die in a florida flood. there is a book i am re-reading, "matter becoming spirit" a groovy old cat who started his own city in arizona in the late seventies. its still there and he still alive, an "arcology" as he calls it, and environmental city/experiment of sort called arcosanti. (www.arcosanti.org) any way i wanted to share a quote from his book he wrote around the bicentennial, i found to be right on. (or "spot on" for all you trendies out there)

Reared as much as it was on self righteousness, bent as much as it was on territorialism and on ownership often asserted above and against human rights and life, making a glorious saga of the indian genocide, and a minor blemish of sanctioned and un-sanctioned slavery, the American civilization has also made a point of pride to rape its own continent (adding ever-new dimensions to is destruction). We will not know what to do with ourselves, let alone celebrate a bicentennial, if we do not face the massive power for squalor we are exercising. We have made progress in our concern, if not in our practice, for those things that demand social equity; but we do not find interest in the problem of coherence between us and the geophysico-biological reality whose spherical envelope we are part and parcel of. This state of congruence is a pervasive necessity, embracing and containing the problem of equity itself. Equity is not possible outside the larger container of congruence. Congruence is really a condition of equity that has brought into its frame all the components that are usually ingnored in the orthodoxy of social equity.
-Paolo Soleri-