Friday, May 27, 2011


this week was a week of endings and new beginnings, not unlike every week, and i was happy to be involved in both. life sometimes can make us believe that it is all about beginnings and we can become attached to those, fighting the endings. but death, as much as life, can be hopeful and when surrounded by strong people, who accept its place in the journey, i am inspired.

my college football coach, jim pyburn, moved on this week he was 78. he loved to laugh, he loved people and he lived as fully and proudly, as he died. he was a beautiful man, a strong man and his wife ann is an amazingly strong women. she and her family showed that strength in his death as she moves forward in her new beginnings.

across the street from 1420, a horse i have gotten to know over the last year gave birth to a sweet little replica... both strong a beautiful. life begins again, always.
i will miss jim, as i begin to live my life as courageously as he.