Tuesday, March 31, 2009


there was a time, when i put a lot of energy into getting free from the car, after an adolescent addiction to them (having 9 different cars before i got out of college. there truly seems to be some similarities in my life between, moving, cars and women...with moving being the only one that happens fast) so after a $500 truck in tulsa in 2004 so i could remodel the house... came a 1971 window bus, a green volvo wagon for 3K, a honda element for my job, a toyota tacoma for me, and now the subarua for both me and my job. the thing is, they keep getting more expensive;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


a term we came up with for people who want to get out in nature but with all the necessities, say... a cabin has to offer:) had a great time with friends in boone, before getting back to GA, after my northeast journey. it was a sweet time, but it makes it difficult to say goodbye for a bit.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

moving... a mountain

so... some of you know this.
i have been looking for the next place to move... as i transition to the northeast area scout for the falcons.

i had a great opportunity to travel around the northeast while doing some scouting work... soaking in and sniffing a few different cities. i went to philly and boston... and quickly knew that at this point in life, i was much more comfortable with a less congested atmosphere.

providence was beautiful, with a noticeably creative vibe and lots of sexy tattoos and conversation. i still felt like something was missing... so i re-routed up through the southern part of vermont, stopping in the city of bennington (an over weight community of people, all with 4 wheelers in their truck beds).

i traveled in to upstate new york, over the appalachian mountains and into an unexpectedly groovy city... albany, ny. with stunning architecture and grand brownstones lining the cobblestone streets... this city, within 50 miles of the appalachian trail, adirondack mountains, and the catskill mountains, stole the vote.

albany is the capital of NY, and with only 100,000 people it is a sweet blend of quaint, with cultural... plus it keeps me comfortably close to the mountains, which have been my heart for the last few years.

plan a visit soon....cheers to upstate ny....oh and it gets 1/3 the annual snow that rochester does:)