Friday, May 28, 2010


feet fun topic? not sure, some like them and some dont. this is not so much about that but about breaking toes.. and how on my first visit to boone i broke a toe hiking. then the other day i broke my pinky toe ripping flooring up at a house i was looking at.
searching for meaning on that one? i did for a minute..."what does that mean" is this a sign?" well here is what i came up with... breaking a toe fucking hurts:)

first broke toe... and this is the post.

i have a request for everyone.. a task at hand, a journey into thought... so the last blog, the hiking failure, the toe incident. well per a blog comment, the ordeal may have been a metaphor or a window (that is my paraphrase) into another journey i will have or am having concurrently.. im interested in this idea and would like some input?? the toe of the broken nature is the soul brother to the bird finger?? does that help? what possibly could the toe represent, or the hike.. and the breaking of or the the failure to conclude?? thanks:)

temp pad in the hills

groovy little until i get a permanent spot. learning that concrete floors are hard on my wheels.

a day on lance crossing

i saw my first live bee swarm, the sound was awesome. life on the family farm continued as the queen bee relocated, then got protected by the defector swarm... way cool to watch, took about 15 minutes.

Friday, May 14, 2010


i connected with this old guy today... rusty, full of color, proud, uninhabited and abandoned amidst so much beauty.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new home.. new life.. new thoughts

getting things done, staying wont be hard out here on the mountain. stay tuned for a summer of my new life. pics of my new pad.